David Pring-Mill


Twitter: @davesaidso
E-mail: pringmill [at] gmail dot com

David Pring-Mill is a writer and a consultant to tech startups and NGOs. He has been quoted by CNBC, Forbes, CMSWire, and other business outlets. Throughout his career, he has created an array of media content and developed strategies to achieve organizational objectives. He is particularly active in tech. David Pring-Mill has written about technology for The National Interest, SingularityHub, DMN, and other publications. Other writings have appeared in openDemocracy, Independent Voter Network, and the Washington Times. Through his opinion column on TechHQ, he regularly explores the political implications of technology.

In 2015, he directed a series of videos as part of a training program for mental health professionals. As a follow-up project, he is directing a feature-length documentary about healthcare reform, which will provide nonpartisan solutions to complex problems.

David Pring-Mill views media as a tool for orchestrating meaningful change and continues to pursue opportunities to that effect.

Tel. (818) 850-7401  I  pringmill@gmail.com

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