Over the years, I have written a number of op-eds. My political views are entirely independent. I believe that political ideologies convolute the truth, and the two-party system is responsible for a wide array of problems. This decidedly independent approach is reflected in my work. — D. P-M.

"The Wrong Regulation of Big Tech Could Make Things Much Worse"

April 2019

Published by: RealClearMarkets



"Here's How Mitt Romney Could Win in 2020"

November 2018

Published by: The National Interest / Yahoo News


"A Fast and Feasible Infrastructure Option"

March 2018

Published by: The Washington Times


"The Slippery Slope of Bigotry"

January 2014

Published by: openDemocracy






"Is Government Inherently Inefficient?"

August 2012

Published by: Independent Voter Network






"Partisanship Distorts Everything, Including Equality"

August 2012

Published by: Independent Voter Network






"The Truth About Political Consistency"

June 2012

Published by: Independent Voter Network (a project of FIVE, Foundation for Independent Voter Education)






"The Innate Contradictions of Obamacare"

April 2012

Published by: Beaufort Observer et al.


On Beaufort Observer:



On Beaufort County Now:



This article also appeared on Grand Strand Daily and on many other outlets.




"The President of Non-Specifics"

March 2012

Widely published and circulated.


On Beaufort Observer:



On Beaufort County Now:





"Movements & Messages: An Analysis of OWS"

December 2011

Published by: Grand Strand Daily


Archived article.


"12 Police Officers Arrest & Handcuff Homeless Woman for Sitting in Fountain"

July 2011


In the summer of 2011, I confronted some police officers for harassing a homeless woman in Lower Manhattan. I photographed and recorded them with my cell phone, and questioned the legality of their actions. My story was shared online by Queers for Economic Justice, a now-defunct nonprofit that advocated on issues of LGBT rights and homelessness.


Archived article.


Online video.

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