In addition to his professional media/communications work as a consultant, David Pring-Mill regularly writes and publishes poems, short stories, and essays. His literary writings have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Poetry Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, Sheepshead Review, and many other publications. His films have won awards and were screened at the Ivy Film Festival, Mountain Film Festival, Yosemite Film Festival, and the Oregon Independent Film Festival.


The following pieces seem to be the most popular with readers.


Select excerpts from his published poetry can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pringmillpoetry/






Poems originally published by literary magazines: 

The "Songs of Eretz" Poems: 
(These poems were written as part of a "Frequent Contributor" arrangement, and are freely available online. The 45 poems were published between 2015 - 2017.) 

Poems that first appeared in the collection "Age of the Appliance": 

  • "Nighttime Walk," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Snowy Desert," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Higher than the Heights," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Fluorescent Confessions," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Work Day's End," (Autumn 2014)

  • "This Age, Our Age," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Typewriter," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Appropriate but Sad," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Of Bees and Butterflies," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Let Your Love Go," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Heartbreakers," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Sights that Silence," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Life Narratives," (Autumn 2014)

  • "The Highway and the Train Tracks," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Petty," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Heroes Saving Heroes," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Scrape," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Purple-haired Sacrifice," (Autumn 2014)

  • "The Mirror of Humanity," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Ugly Emotion," (Autumn 2014)

  • "The Bearded Guy on the Bench," (Autumn 2014)

  • "Timber," (Autumn 2014)

  • "I Circled Back, a Westward Beauty," (Autumn 2014)

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