"Healthcare Systems: A New Solution"

I'm currently working on a feature-length documentary titled "Healthcare Systems: A New Solution."

During the production of this documentary, I have traveled the world in order to compare and contrast different healthcare systems. This film is distinctive because I am approaching the issue from a politically independent perspective. By being sincerely inquisitive, and open to different points of view, I have found that a surprising number of doors have been opened to me. So far I had the opportunity to interview organizers for nurses unions, marketers in the pharmaceutical industry, doctors who focus on treating the working poor, distinguished scholars, and on and on.

After conducting extensive interviews, I have come to a few conclusions. I believe that it is time for America to finally introduce public financing to the healthcare equation. I believe that Medicare can be expanded to include everyone. And most importantly, I believe that this can be done in an efficient manner, whereby we can avoid the wait-time issue experienced by other countries. Furthermore, I believe that this Medicare expansion will actually be good for the economy and for private business.

I am finishing up this film right now, and although I am determined to make this happen in spite of any obstacles thrown my way, the fight would be a lot easier with your financial support. If these ideas resonate with you, please donate today.



"How to impress ANYONE on a date!" (2014)

Random sketch I did for YouTube,

as writer/director/actor.

"Strangers in the Snow" (2011)

People seem to like this good-natured short film that I wrote and directed six years ago. The film was created through a process of guided improvisation with the actors.

"Don't Talk on Your Cell Phone While Purchasing Something" (2009)

This is an excerpt from a feature film that I wrote and directed way back in 2008. "Bob vs. Society" was a very dark comedy, financed by the credit cards that arrived in the mail when I turned 20. "Bob vs. Society" never really found its audience but to this day I maintain that it's oddly amusing, and really, it should have been a cult classic.

"Does 'The Notebook' psychologically manipulate women?" (2014)

Random sketch I did for YouTube,

as writer/director/actor.

"Where's Kate?" (2009)

This is another excerpt from my infamous, no-budget, 2009 dark comedy "Bob vs. Society."

Post-breakup scene, "American Depravity" (2009)

This is an excerpt from a short film that I wrote and directed, many years ago. The short starred a trio of  NYC-based stand-up comedians: Andrew Schulz, Calise Hawkins, and Barry Ribs.

"Bob vs. Society" Trailer (2009)

This is the trailer for my madcap 2009 feature "Bob vs. Society."


Credit: project manager

Conceptually designed & managed CGI project

Credit: project manager

Managed CGI project

Credit: writer/producer

I wrote this short film about supernatural phenomena, and I also worked on the project as a producer.

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